Trustworthy Partnerships: BulAirbase Ltd. carefully selects local Service Providers to ensure flight safety, punctuality and customers’ satisfaction. We partner with recognized, duly certified ground handlers, catering and refueling companies, hotels and transportation providers.

Preferential Pricing: Through exclusive commercial agreements, BulAirbase’ Customers get advantage of preferential handling, fuel and accommodation prices complimented by VAT compliance and exemption support, in combination with aggregated billing and credit facilities – at every location and at a very fair agent fee.
We always take into account the Customer’s operational and cost efficiency.

Dedicated Meet & Greet Service: Available at any International airport in Bulgaria, BulAirbase’ Meet & Greet service can be recognized by the professionalism and hospitality of the staff.
Whether it is your first visit to our country or you fly to Bulgaria regularly, our agents will extend warm welcome to the passengers and crew and will sort out every inquiry in a highly professional manner.

With expertise gained during 20 years in service, we know what is important for our Customers. We design our service as per your high standards.

Get in touch with our team and let us turn our knowledge into your advantage.


Business flight

The list of flight support services for Business charters offered at all International airports in Bulgaria includes everything you expect >>>

VIP flight

BulAirbase’ VIP service is not limited to ensuring safety, privacy and comfort for the exclusive travelers… >>>

Private flight

It is worth to consider BulAirbase’ special offer for small private airplanes.. >>>

Group charter

BulAirbase has a long-term experience in assisting tourist charters.. >>>

Cargo charter

Whether you plan ad-hoc cargo charter or series of all-cargo flights to a civil airport in Bulgaria… >>>

Get Costs Estimate for the specific flight or Post your Enquiry


Why pay more when you can save?

BulAirbase can contribute to your flight efficiency through the exclusive fuel price agreed with the leading fuel supplier in Bulgaria. Credit terms and VAT exemption processing are extended for loyal Customers. Flight safety and engines longer life for your fleet are also guaranteed.

If you need a stop for refueling on your long-haul flight, International airports of Sofia, Burgas and Varna are 24/7 open.  Once joining BulAirbase’ network, we will update you twice a month of the applicable fuel prices.

When your final flight destination is one of our locations you would probably like to consider our flight support services as well. Check the other sections of the website for more information and Post your Enquiry.

Do not hesitate to Contact us now for fuel price offer and to arrange refueling and other support for your flight.


BulAirbase cooperates with the Customer’s operational office from the first moment the service inquiry is received till the aircraft take-off from one of our locations.
Our 24/7 crew service is remarkable with its dedication, professionalism and friendliness. BulAirbase’ agent meets the crew upon arrival and gives every advice for relaxed and enjoyable stay.
We keep track on schedule updates and amendments of inquiries. Through loyal partnerships established with local service suppliers stress-free operational environment is ensured most of the time.
While crew members are doing their preparations for flight departure in the quiet atmosphere of the airport lounge BulAirbase’ staff takes care of all other details.

Being it your first or consecutive trip to Bulgaria, feel free to Contact us to get information or advice for your stay.


High quality of meals, aesthetically presented menus, prepared by proven In-flight Catering Companies or trendy restaurants – BulAirbase aims to please every Customer’s choice.

We do not accept compromises about food freshness, inadequate packaging or unreasonably high prices irrespective of whether the meals are designed for executive travelers,  members of crew or charter tourists.

Cold storage, laundry and cleaning services, ice cubes or hot water  are always available through our service partners.

Select your preferred meals from our menu or send us your specification.


BulAirbase LTD. has been offering business and commercial aviation services for 20 years, facilitating thousands of  flights and providing consistency and quality service to operators at all 5 international airports in Bulgaria.

One can count on us for more than local experience and expertise. Being for years the preferred Bulgarian partner of world renown flight support companies, we understand what schedule changes really mean, and that surprises waste time, excuses are worthless, and “no” is never an answer.

Whenever you need us, our team members around Bulgaria are committed to one thing – the success of your mission.

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