The list of flight support services we offer for Business charters at any International airport in Bulgaria includes everything you expect:

  • Airport Slots arrangement
  • Liaison with Airport, Customs & Immigration Authorities
  • Aircraft, passengers & crew ground services at the airport
  • Dedicated Meet&Greet staff speaking your language
  • Comfortable Airport Lounges for passengers & crew
  • Off-airport services arrangement for passengers & crew
  • In-flight catering  order processing
  • Aircraft refueling at exclusive price
  • Settlement of service suppliers’ bills etc.

Let us know your specific requirements and we’ll make all the arrangements with punctuality, consistency and responsibility.

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BulAirbase’ VIP service is not limited to ensuring safety, privacy and comfort for the exclusive travelers. We value the personalized attitude and our experts are readily available to answer every whim – being it a tailor-made in-flight menu, luxury lounge, hotel of choice or preferred limousine brand.  Any special requirement is arranged to the best of the local offering.

With understanding to the high responsibilities of the VIP flight crew,  our dedicated agents strive to relax them from stressful duties during the stay.  All ground services and bills will be coordinated in a smooth and trustworthy manner.

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It is worth to consider BulAirbase’ special offer for small private airplanes.
Why not to take advantage of the exclusive fuel price agreed by BulAirbase with the leading fuel supplier?

Or you may need help to collect destination information when you fly first time to Bulgaria?
Let us save your valuable time and assist you with essentials about local facilities, applicable rules and charges, recommended accommodation and other general information. This will be accompanied by our meet & greet service available at any International airport in Bulgaria.

All the above is offered  at a very fair agent fee, consistent with highly professional  advice and support.

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BulAirbase has a long-term experience in assisting tourist charters. Flight support and Airline representation  have been provided for years to leading air carriers, facilitating thousands of flights with consistency and high quality of service.

Whether you plan ad-hoc charter or a seasonal flight programme to one of the congested airports in Bulgaria, flight punctuality is of essence. Acting as your “Red Cap” on the ramp we ensure:

  • Smooth ground handling and on-time departure of every flight
  • Compliance with safety and security industry standards.

Being your reliable partner we will contribute to your Company’s:

  • Operational efficiency  – through preferential fuel and catering prices and lower costs of irregularity services, crew accommodation and transportation
  • Financial efficiency – through ancillary charges collection, VAT exemption assistance , simplified billing procedure and agreed credit facilities.

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Whether you plan ad-hoc cargo charter or series of all-cargo flights to a civil airport in Bulgaria, BulAirbase’ team is capable to:

  • Provide all necessary information for available airport facilities, working times, charges and fees;
  • Arrange a tray of services in support to your crew or freight forwarder;
  • Settle the related bills on your behalf while processing the VAT exemption application, as appropriate – all that at zero or minimum disbursement fee .

In every case, the on-time dispatch of the flight is our shared priority!

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Why pay more when you can save? Being our partner you can improve your flight efficiency by getting advantage of the BulAirbase’s exclusive fuel prices and credit terms at any international airport in Bulgaria. We will also assist you in filing for VAT exemption and will update you twice a month of the applicable fuel prices. Flight safety and engines longer life are guaranteed through our partnership with the leading fuel supplier in Bulgaria.

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When you don’t stop just for refueling at one of our locations you would probably like to consider our flight support services as well. Check the other sections and
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