BULAIRBASE Ltd. strives to provide services in full compliance with Client’s high standards.

In the view of involvement of third-party activities as a part of the service, it is highly recommended that certain general terms are abided by. This would allow to maintain guarantee for end-customers’ satisfaction, flight safety, punctuality and efficiency at all times – what is the ground for beneficial business relationship.

These General Terms of Service are addressed to Air Operators and their commercial and operational officers, crew members, accounting or other personnel, employed by the Air Operator or by its sub-contractor for duties related to flight operations and/or flight support, crew assistance and administration, ground services procurement, settlement for performed services and levied charges etc.

These General Terms of Service are applicable for all civil airports in Bulgaria for which BULAIRBASE Ltd. maintains a set of licenses for ground handling activities.


These are the recommended terms with respect to the Service Request:

A – When to send Service Request

In order that our duty officers would be able to obtain confirmation from all sub-contractors and the services are performed in a safe, timely and accurate manner it is required that Service Request is sent 24 hours to ETA at the destination airport.

Special Service Requests – e.g. catering order for a group of 20 or more passengers, ground transportation with preferred vehicle model, VIP lounge for a group of 10 or more passengers, specific security requirements etc. – should be sent 72 hours to ETA at the destination airport.

Subsequent alterations on the services requested will be given priority attention and every effort will be made to arrange them to the Customer’s satisfaction and within the scope of the local availability.

B – Service Request Content

The Service Request should contain detailed list of all services on-airport and/or off-airport, passengers and/or crew related, including aircraft refueling. 

For Customer’s convenience the Post your Enquiry online form can be completed on the BulAirbase website.

It is important that the following data is provided with the Service Request supported by copies of relevant documents issued in officially approved formats:

  • Air Operator’s registered name and address, VAT number;
  • Copy of valid Air Operator’s AOC;
  • Copy of valid Aircraft Noise Certificate;
  • General Declaration – on arrival and on departure (to be sent not later than 4 hours to ETA/ETD);
  • VAT exemption Declaration for Bulgaria – duly completed, signed and stamped by Air Operator’s authorized representative, issued for the calendar year (01 January – 31 December) in which the flight is performed.

Failing to provide certain of the above listed data and documents may compromise operational punctuality, Client’s comfort or flight efficiency.


A – Billing

BulAirbase, upon Customer’s request and at very fair disbursement fee, effects payments of airport fees and ground handling charges, in-flight catering, aircraft refueling, surface transportation or other services and facilities.

All third-party costs as well as BulAirbase’ agent fees levied with respect to particular flight are re-invoiced to the Air Operator (its legitimate agent) within 3 working days of the ATD from the airport where BulAirbase’ service has been performed. 

Separate invoices are issued for aircraft refueling. Upon explicit and reasonable Air Operator’s written request, it is possible to issue separate invoices for airport fees and/or ground services. 

Invoices are sent by electronic means to e-mail address provided by the Air Operator (its legitimate agent). Return confirmation on receipt of invoices is required and appreciated. 

Claims on invoices issued by BulAirbase or its sub-contractors will be accepted for reviewing provided they are received not later than 30 days after the date on which the invoice has been issued.

B – Payment

Standard terms for payment of bills, unless otherwise agreed in written between BulAirbase and the Air Operator (its legitimate agent) are:

  • Refueling invoices – payment is due within 3 working days from the date of invoice;
  • All other invoices – payment is due within 5 working days from the date of invoice.

Prepayment on pro-forma invoice might be required in certain cases with subsequent balancing of accounts.

Any balance in favour of the Customer will be repaid by BulAirbase not later than 20 days after Statement of accounts has been agreed. Balance in favour of BulAirbase should be settled within the payment terms set above. 


For further information on the current General Terms of Service or for negotiating on exclusive partnership terms and conditions please contact BulAirbase Ltd.:

General Manager e-mail:
Head Office Phone: +359 2 981 8217 (9:00 – 17:00 LT)

Operations e-mail:
Operations phone: +359 878 960 123 (24/7)

Accounting e-mail:
Accounting phone: +359 2 981 8217 (9:00 – 17:00 LT)